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CodeWarrior HC08 v5.1 startup problem

Question asked by Oleg Dulger on Dec 27, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2007 by Oleg Dulger
Hello People,
I have installed the CodeWarrior without any problems.
When I turn on the program I get a startup window in which I choose the "Create Project" button, afterwards,  I choose the MCU I use, at the next window I choose the language and the project's destination, when I push the "Next" button, the system crushes and "kicks" me out by turning itself off.
Also, by pushing the "Run Getting Started Tutorial" button at the startup window, I am getting the same results...
I tried to install the software at other computer and there were no problems. 
Does anybody know what may be the reason for such effect and how do I solve this task?
Thank you in advance.