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Sensor drivers and magd source code

Question asked by Huanxin Jiang on Aug 20, 2015
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We noticed some confusing issues when developing sensor drivers (magnetic, accelerometer and gyroscope) based on the SabreSD board (i.MX6q) and the Android 5.0.1 GA release. We are using some sensor chip that integrates a magnetic sensor and an accelerometer, a different solution from the SabreSD board that uses separate components for both sensors. We noticed that there is a daemon called ‘magd’ (located at device/fsl-proprietary/sensor) that communicates with the drivers and does some management work on the sensors, including producing orientation sensor data.


The question is there is no source code of the magd daemon and it has made us hard to create our own HAL codes. Would it be possible for Freescale to share the source code of magd to us? It might also be helpful to share us any documents related to the magd daemon.


Another question is, besides the magnetic sensor, does magd handle any other sensors (such as gyroscope)?


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