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IMX6 Ethernet Performance

Question asked by Ashok p on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Victor Linnik

Hi All,

We are using IMX6 custom board and latest yocto BSP from freescale. When we testing the performance of the Ethernet we saw the performance is not good when we use the managed switches. We observed the Tx rates around 250- 400Mb/s with no errors running bi-directional test. But Rx rates around 40-90Mb/s with errors.


We didn't face this issues with unmanaged switches we are facing the issue only with manage switches. We are using managed Cisco switches 3750 and 2950.


We have gone through the freescale errata about the limitation of the Ethernet throughput.


“Limitation of ENET throughput to around 400 Mbps. ENET remains fully compatible to 1Gb standard in terms of protocol and physical signaling. If the TX and RX peak data rate is higher than 400 Mbps, there is a risk of ENET RX FIFO overrun.”


Please clarify what is supposed to happen with data rate goes over the error limit imposed in the errata?