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Problem Using Matrox Odyssey Xpro+(containing PowerPC 7447A) with Code Warrior 6.6

Discussion created by Prasenjit Das on Dec 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2008 by Tom Thompson
We are using Matrox Odyssey Xpro+(PowerPC 7447A) with CodeWarrior 6.6.
We installed Matrox Odyssey DTK and copied the related Plugins from Odeyssey folder to the CodeWarrior installation folder.
But when we are creating our new project using CodeWarrior 6.6 ,the wizard is not showing any processor type PowerPC7447 or PowerPC 7447A.
1.So what is the exact procedure to create new project using CodeWarrior6.6 which will run on Xpro+ board with PowerPC 7447A microprocessor?
2.We tried to modify some sample project which are given by the Matrox  for our reference.We just modified the sample code with our new Code.
Here also we are getting the following error-

"Link Error : Static Initializers must be called before 'main'.
please see '_ctors' in  _ppc_eabi_init.cpp for example'.

Please suggest us how to overcome this problem..

Prasenjit Das