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Unable to Flash(ERASE) MC9S08PT60

Question asked by Abhijit Jagtap on Aug 19, 2015



I have a board with nothing but a PT60VLH (LQFP-48) with its BDM header.


Since it is my first time using CW10.6 and this device , i am in learning phase.


Earlier with a bare board project, the program was unable to jump to STARTUP code, but during this time USBMULTILINK always asked,

'Device is Secure. Do you want to ERASE?' and then it programmed.I was not able to single step was the problem.


With the help of Processor Expert , i did mange to build an error free project with few of my headers (migrating from a MP16)


After which i secured the device by accidentally uncommenting the line below.


// Flash security (NVOPT Register)   const byte flash_security_byte @0xFF7F = 0xBC; // use 0xBC instead of 0xBF to secure device //const byte flash_security_byte @0xFF7F = 0xBF;


Now i am not able to unsecure the device by any means.The Erase command works and says that all of the flash is erased though spits out a message ( screen shot is attached)

Is my device bricked? or is there a method to unlock it?

Please help

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