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CW & PE init of non-bonded I/O

Question asked by Paul Breneman on Dec 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2008 by Paul Breneman

I'm using CW 6.1 & PE 3.01 for the MC9S08SH8_16.  On the 16-pin version of that chip, port C (C0-C3) is not connected to actual pins.

Here is what the data sheet PDF says: To avoid extra current drain from floating input pins, the reset initialization routine in the application program should either enable on-chip pull-up devices or change the direction of unused pins to outputs so they do not float. When using the 16-pin devices, the user must either enable on-chip pullup devices or change the direction of non-bonded port C pins to outputs so the pins do not float.

Maybe in the future PE could add this capability on the CPU bean Properties page?

In the meantime, should I add the init code to the CPU bean "Build Options" page in one of the three "User initialization" strings.  Any suggestions of which to use and what to add?

Paul Breneman