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Video re-sizing on Camera parallel port & HDMI/LCD output

Question asked by hiteshviradiya on Aug 19, 2015
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Hello All,


We are upgrading our product which has core card which is made up of TI chip-set and now we want to upgrade it with powerful quad core i.MX6Q chipset from freescale.

Now, in our existing product we have video coming over camera parallel interface in BT.656 format and we want to re-size it and the same way captured video goes to LCD for local preview of the video.


I went through i.MX6Q datasheet and it says that it has 2 dedicated IPU (image processing unit) hardware accelerator which is responsible for:

Resizing, rotation, inversion and color space conversation.


Further below link talks about accessing IPU it requires IPU libarary:


And here is resizing example:


Please confirm that using this library we will be able to achieve re-sizing operation using hardware accelerator and not by software re-sizing.