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Clean/Rebuild target using bitbake

Question asked by Dhaval Vadhar on Aug 19, 2015
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I want to clean the binaries generated using 'bitbake' command and rebuild the following two targets:


1. I ran command 'bitbake core-image-minimal'. And at the end it will generate few images which will be deployed at "<build dir>/tmp/deploy/images/<target device>/" path. Now next when I run this command it will generate all new images and create appropriate sym-links. But it also kept older images. How can clean this?


2. I ran command 'bitbake imx-test'. It will build the unit tests and then generate the binaries at "<build dir>/tmp/work/<target device>-poky-arm-gnueabi/imx-test/<version>/..." path. Now, after changing one of the source file, I again ran the command 'bitbake imx-test'. But it didn't compile the updated source file and thus didn't generate the binary. How can I achieve this?


I would appreciate if someone can help me understand and resolve this.