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Power consumption for P1022

Question asked by Rachana T M on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by andrei.skok


I am using P1022 processor in one of my design. The processor takes data from FPGA through PCIe interface and stores it in DRAM and sends to external hard disk through SATA interface. 32 bit DDR3 and NOR flash are connected to processor and Ethernet PHY is connected to processor through SGMII interface. Linux will be running on processor. What is the maximum current requirement on core voltage(1V) when operating at 125C with the core frequency of 1067MHz. Any power calculator is available? since we are not using all the interfaces, we are thinking that the power consumption would be less than 4.92W as specified in datasheet . It would be helpful if i can get exact power calculation for core voltage.