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To use the SD card with the FatFs PE component issue

Question asked by matherine wang on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hi All,


I create a new Kinetic project in KDS IDE 3.0.0, which using KSDK 1.2.0 and Processor Expert.

then, i start to use the SD card with the FatFS PE component, i follow  the demo which links below from Erich Styger

Tutorial:Data Logger with the FRDM-K64F Board | MCU on Eclipse 


But it gets problem when create HW SPI component as shows below:

If i ignore the problem, and press ok, then KDS will create all components, but SM component will shows 'the component is not supported for selecte processor'.


And the same problem for the SS component, as shows below:

  I have done a test here:

1. delete all PE component include Cpu

2. detete variable below for KSDK_1.2.0, and use KSDK1.1.0

3. create new cpu component

4. create fatfs and related component

5. then everything goes well


So, why SDK1.2.0 have this problem, but 1.1.0 work well? does anyone have same problem as me, thanks in advance?