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imx6q  android  signapk

Question asked by 光荣 周 on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by SergioSolis


In my apk,in order to use <android:sharedUserId="android.uid.system"> .so use signapk tools sign my apk.

in android source code find two files"platform.pk8"and "platform.x509.pem",then use signapk tools,use command "java -jar signapk.jar platform.x509.pem platform.pk8 test.apk testnew.apk" sign my apk,finished copy new apk to my device and install,but occurred error"apk not install"“应用安装未完成”,or use wandoujia tools install my new apk, also occurred the error “共享用户权限不完整”。

if I don't use  <android:sharedUserId="android.uid.system"> in my apk, this apk can install finished and no error.

how to solution this question?