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Interfacing SSD1306 with SPI bus on KL43Z

Question asked by Piotr Cerba on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by EARL GOODRICH

Hello freescale community!


I have a KL43Z board. So far I have done some hello world (and similar) programs with no problems.

Now I want to connect my SSD1306 LCD to Kinetis board. After figuring out the pinout for this connection (using SPI1 from the Arduino-compatible connector), currently I am completely stuck.


I was looking for any tutorial that will show me how to configure (in Processor Expert(?)) and program SPI bus, so that I can display anything on the mentioned LCD. Should I use Processor Expert or write it from scratch?


To make things easier - I downloaded the popular u8glib library, which I know from Arduino. Unfortunately I have no idea on how to adapt it for the MCU present on Kinetis board. Has anybody ported that library to any Kinetis board? The LPC Cortex-M0 configuration which is the only one available in it - is completely different from this board and gives dozens of errors in KDS.


Thank you in advance for any advice!