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Difference between S08JS16CWJ and S08JS16LCWJ to build the USBDM ?

Question asked by GUITTET JOEL on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2015 by GUITTET JOEL

Hello all, particularly PGO if you see this message,


I have build a new USBDM but it is not working at all whereas all my previous ones was OK. I have check hardware, PCB, soldering, everything is fine. This is an USBDM with S08JS16 µC, when connected to the host computer the first time it should (or possibility to force with BLMS pin) enter in bootloader mode. However, the host computer is not detecting it.. :-( it seems the USB is not starting : the internal USB regulator output available on pin 17 (SOIC20 package) is only 0.2 to 1.6V instead of 3.3V... I have uploaded the USBDM firmware in it using an other USBDM (ok), but after that USB is still not working, and host computer does not detect the device.


All my previous USBDM was build with S08JS16CWJ devices. This new one has S08JS16LCWJ. Is there any known problems with it ?


Thanks for reading and for your feedbacks !



Joel Guittet