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iMX28 EVK CAN STB pin & SD Slot 1

Question asked by TOM WOOD on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by TOM WOOD

Hello, working with i.MX28 EVK and Mentor Graphics Nucleus. We found an issue when we enable the STB pin for CAN 0 or 1, the SD Slot 1 is rendered useless. We're trying to isolate this issue, and figure out the reasoning. This is what we have determined and discovered thus far:


Enabling ALL can bring up pins except (    IMX_REG32_CLEAR(ESAL_DP_PINCTRL_MUXSEL4, (3 << ESAL_DP_PINCTRL_MUXSEL4_PIN13_OFFSET));) then the CAN will be in standby, but SD Slot 1 can be mounted.


If that pin is set, then SD slot 1 cannot be mounted.


We even tested another case where we set the pin after everything was initalized, which brings it back to a 1.1 default GPIO value. This resolved the SD Slot 1 error, and of course after setting pin back to GPIO CAN 0 and 1 are in standbye.


Here are the definitions for the macros:


#define ESAL_DP_PINCTRL_MUXSEL4             0x80018140



Please let me know any advice or direction.


Best regards,


Tom Wood