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How to debug running Linux applications on target board?

Question asked by Dat Ho on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Adrian Stoica

I'm currently trying to use CodeWarrior 10.0.6 to place Linux applications on the LS1021A-TWR through AppTRK. When I debug a Linux application downloaded onto the board there seems to be a program running on an emulator and the console output is appearing inside eclipse instead of the serial terminal. In order to debug a running elf executable I have to start the executable on the LS1021A-TWR and then launch an attach task in order to debug the program with serial terminal output.


Is there a way to make the downloadable task start debugging the elf file on the target hardware(LS1021A-TWR in my case) like an attach configuration? Or is the debugger window actually debugging the elf file on the target hardware? It doesn't appear that way because the program is outputting to the eclipse console instead of the serial terminal.