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keypad controller   in imx6sl

Question asked by THANGAMEENA RAJENDHIRAN on Aug 18, 2015
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i am started to work in keypad interface with sololite

my kernel is 3.0. and kitkat 4.4.2.

i have keypad controller tca8418..  in this controller int pin is connected to processor gpio.


i have compiled successfully with tca8418_keypad.c driver file. and while booting keypad is probing,

in the /dev/input/event0 is created.


but when i run cat /dev/input/event0 there is no data .. then i added executable file.


int main()


    int fd;


    fd = open("/dev/input/event0", O_RDONLY);

    struct input_event ev;



    while (1)


        read(fd, &ev, sizeof(struct input_event));



        if(ev.type == 1)

            //printf("key %i state %i\n", ev.code, ev.value);

            if(ev.value == 0)

                printf("Pressed key value:%d\n ", ev.code);



i didnt get anything its not entering into while...


can you suggest me how to check keypad controller with sololite .