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i.MX53 TZIC PRIORITY_MASK register setting

Question asked by torus1000 on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi chip experts,


I'm confusing about PRIORITY_MASK setting in TZIC of i.MX53.
I beleive highest priority is 0 but usage describe as following.

The ARM platform will

only receive an interrupt if there is a pending interrupt with a priority higher than the

value in this register. If an interrupt source asserts and its priority is equal to or lower

than the priority mask value, it will not cause an interrupt to the ARM platform.

Does "higher" mean (PRIORITYn < PRIORITY_MASK)?

Does "equal to or lower" mean (PRIORITYn >= PRIORITY_MASK)?


Can anyone clarify for me?