Jerry Girard

Possible to use BDM through USB redirection?

Discussion created by Jerry Girard on Aug 17, 2015

Has anyone had any luck using a BDM through USB port redirection connected to Code Warrior debugger running on a remote machine?


I need to work at a remote site and cannot transfer my CodeWarrior license to the laptop.


When I am at the remote site with the laptop, I log into my desktop development machine using Remote Desktop and use Code Warrior that way. I plug my BDM into the laptop then redirect the laptop USB port back to the desktop development machine using RemoteFX (part of Remote Desktop). The BDM appears as a local device back on the development desktop.


CodeWarrior debugger sees the BDM except it struggles to communicate. It cannot determine a valid IO_DELAY_CNT, etc. Perhaps the latency of the USB redirection through the Ethernet is causing the issue.


Does anyone have any experience doing this?