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Different TPM clock source in SIM device

Question asked by Mike Warren on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by Mike Warren

Hello All,

I am hoping someone has seen this error and can point me to the solution.  I am new to both Kinetis (and Arm) as well as Processor Expert (PE).

I am using the MKL27Z256VFT4 part, which has 3 TPM units on it.  When I have two TPM units confiured with the KDSK 1.2.0/fsl_tpm I only get a compiler warning (as follows)

Warning: Frequency value should not be 0 Hz. (Frequency) (I get one for each TPM) but they seem to work as desired.


When I add the last TPM unit (I added them in the order TPM0, TPM2 and then TPM1) I get the following error:

ERROR: It's illegal to set different TPM clock source in SIM device by components TPM0, TPM1. The clock source setting in SIM device is shared for all TPM instances.


This also adds another warning like above.

When I look at each of the TPM units in PE for clock source it shows Clock Source MCGIRCLK 8MHz.

All of them are set to use clockMan1 and in that I have set the TPM clock selection to disabled.  This gets rid of the error

Warning: The TPM clock source is overwritten by the fsl_tpm component(s).


I have tried googling the error but have had no success.


I am running:

win 8.1

KDS                                              Version  3.0.0

KSDK 1.2.0 Eclipse Update          Version  1.0.0.b150420

Processor Expert for Kinetis          Version 3.0.0.RT7_b1515-0427


Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.