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MKW24D512VHA5  work in low temperature -40

Question asked by leeyong on Aug 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by William Poole Jr

Now my wireless module work in -40, test by my program, I find mcu internal spi wil slower than normal temperature, lead to my program run wrong, I use crystals is NX3225SA-32MHZ-EXS00A-CS02368(load capacitance is 9pF, I used external capacitance 11pf  ) and DS321G(load capacitance is 10pF, I used external  capacitance  11pF),

but I used TWR-MKW24D512 develop board from freescale can work good. My design reference USB-KW24D512 schematic and PCB files. Now  I don't found the solution,please give me some

advices,thanks. By modify the load capacitance value,how much impact? how to solve this porblem?This problem affect my project schedule,so I am very worried,thank you for help me!