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MPC5644A: is EMIOS_MCR[GTBE] the same as ETPU_MCR[GTBE]?

Question asked by Etienne Alepins on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by David Tosenovjan



With MPC5644A, we are using both the eMIOS and the eTPU. The EMIOS_MCR[GTBE] enables the eMIOS A/B counters to start. The ETPU_MCR[GTBE] enables eTPU engines to start executing code. However, are these 2 bits the same?


In MPC5644A RM Rev 6, § "GTBE – Global time base enable" explains that in the eTPU, there are 2 GTBE signals: etpu_gtbe_out and etpu_gtbe_in. The etpu_gtbe_out might be OR'ed with another signal at MCU level before being sent back as etpu_gtbe_in. I guess it is OR'ed with EMIOS_MCR[GTBE]. However, this information is missing from the reference manual.


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