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How to use PE for new processors MK26 and MKL27Z without SDK1.2

Question asked by Neil Hancock on Aug 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Neil Hancock

Hi, there seems to be a change in KDS3 behaviour for new processors - post SDK1.2  - I'm wondering if this deliberate or if I'm missing something,

With KDS300 (and SDK1.2 installed) On creating a new Kinetis Project

If I choose a  processor - Kinetis L -MKL2x-KL26Z - MKL26Z128xxx4 - (press next)

and the next window I set "Kinetis SDK  to none - it allows Processor Expert to be selected

If I choose a newer processor MKL2x-KL27Z-MKL27Z128xxx4 (press next)

and the next window I set "Kinetis SDK  to none - it DIS-ables Processor Expert.


This is same if I select another new processor Kinetis K- MK20 - MK26 -MK26FN2M0xxx18.


With MKL26Z128xxx4 selected

PE is enabled


Doing the same with MKL27Z128xxx4

PE is disabled


My KDS300 State is

(PS I've also asked a version of this question on Eric Stygers blog - but it seems this is a KDS3 issue so thought I would post a more complete question here - hope I haven't missed something really dumb.:)

Many thanks for any insights