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Using SNMP communities

Question asked by Jesper Evertsson on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Jesper Evertsson

Hi, I'm working on a product that requires SNMP and was happy to see that MQX was supporting it. Altough the more I've worked with it, it seems like it's not fully implemented yet. One example of this is communities. In other systems it's possible to set different access levels for different communities such as read or read/write. It's also possible to change the community names in the device during run time. However I can't find that any of this is possible in MQX 4.2.0. So then I wonder why communities even exist? Sure, it's possible to restrict access from users that doesn't have any of the community names, but it should aslo be possible to have communities with different access levels. Is this something that's going to be added in the near future or do you have any other ideas how to work around this without having to re-implement the entire SNMP-protocol?