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AC60 Flash size - is the datasheet wrong?

Question asked by Luis Fernando Patsko on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by David Diaz Marin



I'm beginning to work with the S08AC60 and I found out that the datasheet (latest version: Rev. 3  8/2011) is conflicting about its Flash size.

At section 4.4.1, the datasheet says:

      MC9S08AC60 — 61268 bytes (120 pages of 512 bytes each)

But looking at figure 4.1 (at the beginning of section 4.1) and calculating the Flash size based on the memory map, I came out with 63.280 bytes and 124 pages.

I also haven't found any errata about this on the MCU documentation.


Just as a comparison, I looked for the datasheet of a similar MCU (S08AW60) and it seems to be right, showing the Flash size as 63.280 bytes and 124 pages.


Can I assume that the S08AC60 datasheet is wrong and its Flash size is 63.280 bytes?