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KDS Debug Hardware

Question asked by Adam Vadala-Roth on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by ZhangJennie

I'm new to KDS, I am trying to use it to develop firmware for a range of hardware I designed based on the FreeScale MKL05 and MKV10 ARM Cortex M0+ Kinetis chips. For testing and development I have a FRDM-MKL05Z Freedomboard. I'd like to use the FRDM-MKL05Z as a programmer for the target hardware (custom PCBs). I also have a segger J-link debugger probe tool

- Can I use the FRDM-MKL05Z as a debugger for custom PCBs ? If so how do I interface it with KDS all the tutorials only cover other Freedomboards.

- Can I use the Segger J-Link debugger, if so how do I setup the J-Link with Kinetis Design Studio

If you want to know more about the hardware I am working on, I can edit and add more to this post, and I have a project page here: HydroPWNics •