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I can't use KDS on my FRDM-k64

Question asked by Simone Paganini on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Iva Susnova


I followed the tutorial to start the demo program on my FRDM-k64

with KDS on MAC Yosemite


I installed the SDK and installed software in the IDE

then I build the first project as shown, when I go to Debug Configurations

I can;'t see openSDA at all

on PEMicro section I can see OpenSDA Embedded Debug - USB port

but in the port section below nothing is shown


when I try to run->flash from file


I can ONLY see GDG SEGGER and nothing else (at least in debug I can see more)

and I can't flash my device


The device works only with the online ARM compiler


Please help because I'm desperately trying to find what is missing.


I followed the instructions twice but something is different for me



Simone !