How to make the feature "EEPROM Read Protection in Monitor Mode" work?

Discussion created by SimonZhu on Dec 21, 2007
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I develop my program on the MC68HC908AZ32A, there is a bit in the Configuration Register CONFIG-2, below is this bit's description:


EEMONSEC — EEPROM Read Protection in Monitor Mode Bit
When EEMONSEC is set the entire EEPROM array cannot be accessed in monitor mode unless a valid security code is entered.
1 = EEPROM read protection in monitor mode enabled
0 = EEPROM read protection in monitor mode disabled


Is the "valid security code" just the eight security byte which is used to enter Monitor mode?


I once used P&E to enter the monitor mode but sent a wrong eight security byte (we still can enter monitor mode because P&E can help us "IGNORE security failure and enter monitor mode"), but I still can read EEPROM even I have set EEMONSEC bit in my powerup initializaion routine (this bit's default value of reset should also be 1), how can I setup my test to verify the function of the bit EEMONSEC?




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