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WEC7 multi monitor on Freescale iMX6

Question asked by Keshava G N on Aug 13, 2015
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We have ported WEC7 BSP for our custom board based on iMX6Q processor.

Now customer wants WEC7 multi monitor support on this BSP. [ Please check this MSDN link : Multiple Screens (Compact 7)  ]


So, we want to modify the freescale display driver in order to support multi monitor feature.

Whether anybody worked on this? Please share any ideas.



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Mentioning few of WEC7 experts I see here. Please ignore if not interested:

Seetharam Nayak Stefano Voulaz Justin Jiang hb chen Michel Verhagen Grant Whitacre Deepak Kumar SergioSolis Holy Yuan wang yx Yuri Muhin Stuart Boutell Yixing Kong