Dennis Shutt

Codewarrior for Coldfire 7.0 wont run a Coldfire 6.4 project or new project created with 7.0

Discussion created by Dennis Shutt on Dec 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2008 by Dennis Shutt
I can not get version 7.0 for coldfire to work with a project that was created with version 6.4. I can open Version 6.4 load the project, write to FLASH on MCF52223 mcu and debug, run no problems.
If you try using 7.0 on an older project MAKE sure you back it up! Thankfully I did!
After many hours of messing around I finally got verion 7.0 to write toi FLASH, still not sure it iswriting correctly though as nothing seems to work write when running from FLASH. I would have thought a working project from version 6.4 would not have caused me grief. Something has changed though.
Anyone else had a chance to work with Version 7.0 and program internal FLASH mcu?
Just wondering if its just me or?