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Kinetis K20D72M development kit - Unable to generate Interrupt

Question asked by Mathew Manavalan on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by Mathew Manavalan

Hi all, 


I have a Kinetis K20D72M development kit and im trying out some basic Bareboard stuff with it. I am trying to configure an interrupt to be triggered by one of the switches present on the board (SW1). I used Processor Expert to configure the pin “PTC1/DSPI0_PCS3/SCI1_RTS/FTM0_CH0/FBA_AD13/LCD_P21/ADC0_SE15/TSI0_CH14” as interrupt. I get an ISR generated in the Events.c file. 


I run the code and press the switch but the code doesn’t enter the ISR. 


Am I missing something here ? I have not modified a single line of code. I am using whatever code the Processor Expert has generated. 


Any help is appreciated. 

Thanks and Regards,