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imx6sololite not support usb Camera YUV422 output

Question asked by tao wang on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by tao wang

I am now developing a monitoring equipment, because the camera and the imx6sololite is far from the distance, about 20cm, can only use usb camera , can not use the CSI interface

Camera. But the  IMX6SoloLite video interface only supports YUV 420 encoding into h264, and  usb camera can only output YUV422 format。 so I need to use the software to turn,the  YUV422 to  YUV420, but this is seriously  Occupy CPU resources, even though the resolution of 680*480 can reach 80% CPU occupancy rate. 720P is even higher, so the Software conversion format Could not be used

Please comment there is no good way to solve this problem?