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PMIC GUI: Program and Verify Buttons not highlighted

Question asked by michael bazarov on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by michael bazarov

Hello all,


I am using GUI Rev 4 and the PMIC PF0100 Eval board along with the socket board to try and set OTP fuses on unprogrammed PMICs. I have the script for the configuration I want but the program and verify buttons are not clickable. I placed J17 jumpers accross pins 1 and 2 to allow OTP programming and ran my OTP script in the script editor. Pretty sure I burned the fuses on the embedded eval board PMIC but when I click "Blank device" it now says device programmed when before it said device blank. Is there a way to get the GUI to verify my configuration? Did i even program the new part i placed in the socket board or just the one on the eval board?