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Porting Wi-Fi driver for KSDK MQX to run on MK22F51212

Question asked by stmeval eval on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by soledad

Hi Team,
I am porting a Wi-Fi driver for KSDK MQX to run on MK22F51212 MCU, Here This Wi-Fi driver is for an Wi-Fi chip which is external to platfrom. Same driver I allready I have ported for Legacy MQX but when i am porting this driver for KSDK mqx i am getting lot of build issues regarding 'enet' structures and files. In KSDK mqx all enet files are guarded with FSL_FEATURE_SOC_ENET_COUNT macro, Its checking for ENET avilability on SOC. Since MK22F51212 dont have ENET support on SOC so most of KSDK enet files like "fsl_enet_driver.h" "fsl_enet_hal.h" "fsl_enet_driver.c" file remain unaccessed.  When driver is calling 'enet' related functions then getting build issues. Even If i am commenting FSL_FEATURE_SOC_ENET_COUNT Macro from some of enet header file and source file I am getting lot of build issues.

Please help me to know how to port a Wi-Fi driver where Wi-Fi chip is external to a MK22F51212 platform.