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S12ZVML 24V-system application use case question

Question asked by StanleyH Employee on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Radek Sestak

Dear Sir,


  Our customer is using MC9S12ZVML for their HVAC blower project, and asks a question about 24V-system application use case. Hope you can help. Thanks.


  The system voltage is two 12V batteries in series which is possible high to 32V(16V+16V) when the battery is full. We found an AN5082 that suggests users to add a regulator for the Vsup and a gate driver for high & low side MOSFET.


  The customer ask how to deal with this pin, HD ?


  This pin shall keep under 20V and be required to close to the drain connections of the high-side MOSFET which is the battery voltage(36V possibly).





Where shall this pin, HD, connect to ?





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