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MPC5604E - cannot set GPIOs

Question asked by Jan Beran on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Jan Beran

Hi all,


I have been working with MPC5604E in our company project and I have the following problem: I need to set a few pins as output GPIOs so I write 0x0200 to appropriate PCR registers. However, for certain pins this write is ignored and the PCR value remains unchanged.


My further experiments discovered that this happens if and only if the pin has defined no output alternate function besides GPIO. Moreover, I am able to set all the PCR register bits except OBE. Just to make it clear, I can successfully set OBE bit for all other pins.


I am confused since the MPC5604E reference manual marks all the pins to be configurable as GPIO I/O. Am I missing something?


Best Regards,

Jan Beran