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Interfacing a FPGA to CSI1 port of iMX6Q

Question asked by Sumeet Dube on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Sumeet Dube

We are currently working on a custom design using the freescale iMX6Q processor for video processing.

We have a adv7180 decoder connected to the CSI0 port of imx and using the adv7180 driver

and we can access video data using the /dev/video0 node created by the driver.

Now we want to connect a FPGA directly to CSI1 port of imx. All data lines and vsync,hsync and pixclk signals will be mapped to FPGA lines.

In short the FPGA will generate data just as a adv7180 decoder would.(we have space constraints so we cannot have 2 adv7180 decoders).

Now my question is that how do we access this data, as there will be  no /dev/video1 node created as there is no decoder in between .

Will i have to write a driver for this like the adv7180 decoder or is there any other method. Also how do we get rid of the i2c probing in the adv7180 ?