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Is there any support for MIL-STD 1553 bus for i.MX6 family

Question asked by Mihaita Ivascu on Aug 10, 2015
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       I would like to know if there is any support for MIL_STD 1553 bus for imx6. MIL-STD 1553 is a bus used in the military domain and from what I've read there could be MIL-STD 1553 modules plugged on a PCI card or PCMCIA cards or it could be a native interface like PMC, PXI or VXI.

       In case support for MIL_STD 1553 PCI or PCMCIA card is needed, what would I need besides PCI or PCMCIA driver support ? Is there a MIL-STD 1553 driver available ? I didn't find anything.

       Has anyone came across this situation until now  or could point me where to look for documentation?


Thank you,

         Mihaita Ivascu