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HDMI's output sound issue

Question asked by haibo he on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2015 by Wigros Sun

        HDMI output to a TV, through yocto interface of the IMX player to play audio and video files, TV no sound output, and then in above board of TLV320AIC23 sound earphone hole is a voice output.


log info:

U-Boot 2014.04 (Jul 22 2015 - 13:55:40)



CPU:   Freescale i.MX6Q rev1.2 at 792 MHz

CPU:   Temperature 41 C, calibration data: 0x5804ee69

Reset cause: POR

Board: MX6-SabreSD

I2C:   ready

DRAM:  1 GiB


Detected SPI NorFlash Total: 2 MiB



No panel detected: default to Hannstar-XGA

Display: Hannstar-XGA (1024x768)

In:    serial

Out:   serial

Err:   serial

force_idle_bus: sda=0 scl=1

Net:   FEC [PRIME]

Normal Boot

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

U-Boot > pri


bootargs_base=setenv bootargs console=ttymxc0,115200

bootargs_mmc=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} root=/dev/mmcblk3p1 rootwait rw video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24

bootargs_nfs=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp nfsroot=${serverip}:${nfsroot},v3,tcp

bootcmd=run bootcmd_mmc

bootcmd_mfg=run mfgtool_args;bootz ${loadaddr} ${initrd_addr} ${fdt_addr};

bootcmd_mmc=run bootargs_base bootargs_mmc;mmc dev 2;mmc read ${loadaddr} 0x800 0x4000;mmc read ${fdt_addr} 0x5000 0x800;bootm ${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr}

bootcmd_net=run bootargs_base bootargs_nfs;tftpboot ${loadaddr} ${kernel};tftpboot ${fdt_addr} ${fdt_file};bootm ${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr}
















mfgtool_args=setenv bootargs console=ttymxc0,115200 rdinit=/linuxrc g_mass_storage.stall=0 g_mass_storage.removable=1 g_mass_storage.idVendor=0x066F g_mass_storage.idProduct=0x37FF



g_mass_storage.iSerialNumber="" enable_wait_mode=off



update_dtb=tftpboot ${fdt_addr} ${fdt_file}; mmc dev 2; mmc write ${fdt_addr} 0x5000 0x800

update_uImage=tftpboot ${loadaddr} ${kernel}; mmc dev 2; mmc write ${loadaddr} 0x800 0x4000

update_uboot=tftpboot ${loadaddr} u-boot.imx; sf probe; sf erase 0 0x80000; sf write ${loadaddr} 0x400 0x80000



Environment size: 1612/8188 bytes

U-Boot > boot

mmc2(part 0) is current device



MMC read: dev # 2, block # 2048, count 16384 ... 16384 blocks read: OK



MMC read: dev # 2, block # 20480, count 2048 ... 2048 blocks read: OK

## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 12000000 ...

   Image Name:   Linux-3.14.28+g91cf351

   Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)

   Data Size:    6097400 Bytes = 5.8 MiB

   Load Address: 10008000

   Entry Point:  10008000

   Verifying Checksum ... OK

## Flattened Device Tree blob at 18000000

   Booting using the fdt blob at 0x18000000

   Loading Kernel Image ... OK

   Using Device Tree in place at 18000000, end 1800d58b

Read SW1AB error!



Starting kernel ...



Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0

Linux version 3.14.28+g91cf351 (harry@mh) (gcc version 4.9.1 (GCC) ) #11 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 7 15:14:39 CST 2015

CPU: ARMv7 Processor [412fc09a] revision 10 (ARMv7), cr=10c53c7d

CPU: PIPT / VIPT nonaliasing data cache, VIPT aliasing instruction cache

Machine model: Freescale i.MX6 Quad SABRE Smart Device Board

cma: CMA: reserved 320 MiB at 3c000000

Memory policy: Data cache writealloc

PERCPU: Embedded 8 pages/cpu @ab723000 s8896 r8192 d15680 u32768

Built 1 zonelists in Zone order, mobility grouping on.  Total pages: 260096

Kernel command line: console=ttymxc0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk3p1 rootwait rw video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24

PID hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)

Dentry cache hash table entries: 131072 (order: 7, 524288 bytes)

Inode-cache hash table entries: 65536 (order: 6, 262144 bytes)

Memory: 696160K/1048576K available (7395K kernel code, 398K rwdata, 6252K rodata, 336K init, 429K bss, 352416K reserved, 0K highmem)

Virtual kernel memory layout:

    vector  : 0xffff0000 - 0xffff1000   (   4 kB)

    fixmap  : 0xfff00000 - 0xfffe0000   ( 896 kB)

    vmalloc : 0xc0800000 - 0xff000000   (1000 MB)

    lowmem  : 0x80000000 - 0xc0000000   (1024 MB)

    pkmap   : 0x7fe00000 - 0x80000000   (   2 MB)

    modules : 0x7f000000 - 0x7fe00000   (  14 MB)

      .text : 0x80008000 - 0x80d5c1cc   (13649 kB)

      .init : 0x80d5d000 - 0x80db12c0   ( 337 kB)

      .data : 0x80db2000 - 0x80e15aa0   ( 399 kB)

       .bss : 0x80e15aac - 0x80e8129c   ( 430 kB)

SLUB: HWalign=64, Order=0-3, MinObjects=0, CPUs=4, Nodes=1

Preemptible hierarchical RCU implementation.

NR_IRQS:16 nr_irqs:16 16

L310 cache controller enabled

l2x0: 16 ways, CACHE_ID 0x410000c7, AUX_CTRL 0x32070000, Cache size: 1024 kB

Switching to timer-based delay loop

sched_clock: 32 bits at 3000kHz, resolution 333ns, wraps every 1431655765682ns

Console: colour dummy device 80x30

Calibrating delay loop (skipped), value calculated using timer frequency.. 6.00 BogoMIPS (lpj=30000)

pid_max: default: 32768 minimum: 301

Mount-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)

Mountpoint-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)

CPU: Testing write buffer coherency: ok

CPU0: thread -1, cpu 0, socket 0, mpidr 80000000

Setting up static identity map for 0x10709bc0 - 0x10709c18

CPU1: Booted secondary processor

CPU1: thread -1, cpu 1, socket 0, mpidr 80000001

CPU2: Booted secondary processor

CPU2: thread -1, cpu 2, socket 0, mpidr 80000002

CPU3: Booted secondary processor

CPU3: thread -1, cpu 3, socket 0, mpidr 80000003

Brought up 4 CPUs

SMP: Total of 4 processors activated.

CPU: All CPU(s) started in SVC mode.

devtmpfs: initialized

VFP support v0.3: implementor 41 architecture 3 part 30 variant 9 rev 4

pinctrl core: initialized pinctrl subsystem

regulator-dummy: no parameters

NET: Registered protocol family 16

DMA: preallocated 256 KiB pool for atomic coherent allocations

cpuidle: using governor ladder

cpuidle: using governor menu

CPU identified as i.MX6Q, silicon rev 1.2

Use WDOG2 as reset source

syscon 20c8000.anatop: regmap [mem 0x020c8000-0x020c8fff] registered

vdd1p1: 800 <--> 1375 mV at 1100 mV

vdd3p0: 2800 <--> 3150 mV at 3000 mV

vdd2p5: 2000 <--> 2750 mV at 2400 mV

vddarm: 725 <--> 1450 mV at 975 mV

vddpu: 725 <--> 1450 mV

vddsoc: 725 <--> 1450 mV at 1175 mV

syscon 20e0000.iomuxc-gpr: regmap [mem 0x020e0000-0x020e0037] registered

syscon 21bc000.ocotp-ctrl: regmap [mem 0x021bc000-0x021bffff] registered

hw-breakpoint: found 5 (+1 reserved) breakpoint and 1 watchpoint registers.

hw-breakpoint: maximum watchpoint size is 4 bytes.

imx6q-pinctrl 20e0000.iomuxc: initialized IMX pinctrl driver

bio: create slab <bio-0> at 0

mxs-dma 110000.dma-apbh: initialized

usb_otg_vbus: 5000 mV

usb_h1_vbus: 5000 mV

tlv320aic23-supply: no parameters

mipi_dsi_pwr_on: no parameters

sensor-supply: 3300 mV

vgaarb: loaded

i2c-core: driver [max17135] using legacy suspend method

i2c-core: driver [max17135] using legacy resume method

SCSI subsystem initialized

usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs

usbcore: registered new interface driver hub

usbcore: registered new device driver usb

usbphy_nop1.12 supply vcc not found, using dummy regulator

usbphy_nop2.13 supply vcc not found, using dummy regulator

i2c i2c-0: IMX I2C adapter registered

i2c i2c-1: IMX I2C adapter registered

i2c i2c-2: IMX I2C adapter registered

Linux video capture interface: v2.00

pps_core: LinuxPPS API ver. 1 registered

pps_core: Software ver. 5.3.6 - Copyright 2005-2007 Rodolfo Giometti <>

PTP clock support registered

imx-ipuv3 2400000.ipu: IPU DMFC NORMAL mode: 1(0~1), 5B(4,5), 5F(6,7)

imx-ipuv3 2800000.ipu: IPU DMFC NORMAL mode: 1(0~1), 5B(4,5), 5F(6,7)

mxc_mipi_csi2 21dc000.mipi_csi: i.MX MIPI CSI2 driver probed

mxc_mipi_csi2 21dc000.mipi_csi: i.MX MIPI CSI2 dphy version is 0x3130302a

MIPI CSI2 driver module loaded

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Initialized.

Bluetooth: Core ver 2.18

NET: Registered protocol family 31

Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized

Bluetooth: HCI socket layer initialized

Bluetooth: L2CAP socket layer initialized

Bluetooth: SCO socket layer initialized

cfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain

Switched to clocksource mxc_timer1

NET: Registered protocol family 2

TCP established hash table entries: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)

TCP bind hash table entries: 8192 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)

TCP: Hash tables configured (established 8192 bind 8192)

TCP: reno registered

UDP hash table entries: 512 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)

UDP-Lite hash table entries: 512 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)

NET: Registered protocol family 1

RPC: Registered named UNIX socket transport module.

RPC: Registered udp transport module.

RPC: Registered tcp transport module.

RPC: Registered tcp NFSv4.1 backchannel transport module.

hw perfevents: enabled with ARMv7 Cortex-A9 PMU driver, 7 counters available

imx6_busfreq busfreq.16: DDR medium rate not supported.

Bus freq driver module loaded

futex hash table entries: 1024 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)

VFS: Disk quotas dquot_6.5.2

Dquot-cache hash table entries: 1024 (order 0, 4096 bytes)

NFS: Registering the id_resolver key type

Key type id_resolver registered

Key type id_legacy registered

jffs2: version 2.2. (NAND) © 2001-2006 Red Hat, Inc.

fuse init (API version 7.22)

msgmni has been set to 1999

io scheduler noop registered

io scheduler deadline registered

io scheduler cfq registered (default)

imx-weim 21b8000.weim: Driver registered.

imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie: phy link never came up

imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie: Failed to bring link up!

imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie: failed to initialize host

imx6q-pcie: probe of 1ffc000.pcie failed with error -22

backlight.28 supply power not found, using dummy regulator

mxc_mipi_dsi 21e0000.mipi: i.MX MIPI DSI driver probed

MIPI DSI driver module loaded

mxc_hdmi 20e0000.hdmi_video: Detected HDMI controller 0x13:0xa:0xa0:0xc1

fbcvt: 1920x1080@60: CVT Name - 2.073M9

mxc_sdc_fb fb.24: registered mxc display driver hdmi

imx-ipuv3 2400000.ipu: IPU DMFC DP HIGH RESOLUTION: 1(0,1), 5B(2~5), 5F(6,7)

Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 240x67

mxc_hdmi 20e0000.hdmi_video: Error only one HDMI output support now!

mxc_sdc_fb fb.25: NO mxc display driver found!

mxc_sdc_fb fb.26: NO mxc display driver found!

mxc_sdc_fb fb.27: registered mxc display driver ldb

imx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: no iram assigned, using external mem

imx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: no event needs to be remapped

imx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: loaded firmware 3.1

imx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: initialized

pfuze100-regulator 1-0008: unrecognized pfuze chip ID!

pfuze100-regulator: probe of 1-0008 failed with error -5

Serial: IMX driver

2020000.serial: ttymxc0 at MMIO 0x2020000 (irq = 58, base_baud = 5000000) is a IMX

      Display is GTF capable

console [ttymxc0] enabled

21e8000.serial: ttymxc1 at MMIO 0x21e8000 (irq = 59, base_baud = 5000000) is a IMX

21ec000.serial: ttymxc2 at MMIO 0x21ec000 (irq = 60, base_baud = 5000000) is a IMX

21f0000.serial: ttymxc3 at MMIO 0x21f0000 (irq = 61, base_baud = 5000000) is a IMX

21f4000.serial: ttymxc4 at MMIO 0x21f4000 (irq = 62, base_baud = 5000000) is a IMX

serial: Freescale lpuart driver

imx sema4 driver is registered.

[drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810

[drm] Initialized vivante 1.0.0 20120216 on minor 0

brd: module loaded

loop: module loaded

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: fsl,transmit-level-mV not specified, using 00000024

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: fsl,transmit-boost-mdB not specified, using 00000480

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: fsl,transmit-atten-16ths not specified, using 00002000

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: fsl,receive-eq-mdB not specified, using 05000000

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: SSS flag set, parallel bus scan disabled

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: AHCI 0001.0300 32 slots 1 ports 3 Gbps 0x1 impl platform mode

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: flags: ncq sntf stag pm led clo only pmp pio slum part ccc apst

scsi0 : ahci_platform

ata1: SATA max UDMA/133 mmio [mem 0x02200000-0x02203fff] port 0x100 irq 71

m25p80 spi0.0: sst25vf016b (2048 Kbytes)

spi_imx 2008000.ecspi: probed

CAN device driver interface

2188000.ethernet supply phy not found, using dummy regulator

pps pps0: new PPS source ptp0

libphy: fec_enet_mii_bus: probed

fec 2188000.ethernet eth0: registered PHC device 0

PPP generic driver version 2.4.2

PPP MPPE Compression module registered

ehci_hcd: USB 2.0 'Enhanced' Host Controller (EHCI) Driver

ehci-pci: EHCI PCI platform driver

ehci-mxc: Freescale On-Chip EHCI Host driver

usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage

usbcore: registered new interface driver usbserial

usbcore: registered new interface driver usbserial_generic

usbserial: USB Serial support registered for generic

usbcore: registered new interface driver option

usbserial: USB Serial support registered for GSM modem (1-port)

2184800.usbmisc supply vbus-wakeup not found, using dummy regulator

ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.0: doesn't support gadget

ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.0: EHCI Host Controller

ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.0: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 1

ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.0: USB 2.0 started, EHCI 1.00

hub 1-0:1.0: USB hub found

hub 1-0:1.0: 1 port detected

mousedev: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice

egalax_ts 1-0004: Failed to read firmware version

egalax_ts: probe of 1-0004 failed with error -5

egalax_ts 2-0004: Failed to read firmware version

egalax_ts: probe of 2-0004 failed with error -5

i2c-core: driver [isl29023] using legacy suspend method

i2c-core: driver [isl29023] using legacy resume method

rtc-ds3231 2-0068: rtc core: registered ds3231 as rtc0

snvs_rtc 20cc034.snvs-rtc-lp: rtc core: registered 20cc034.snvs-rtc-lp as rtc1

i2c /dev entries driver

IR NEC protocol handler initialized

IR RC5(x) protocol handler initialized

IR RC6 protocol handler initialized

IR JVC protocol handler initialized

IR Sony protocol handler initialized

IR RC5 (streamzap) protocol handler initialized

IR SANYO protocol handler initialized

IR MCE Keyboard/mouse protocol handler initialized

mxc_v4l2_output v4l2_out.31: V4L2 device registered as video16

mxc_v4l2_output v4l2_out.31: V4L2 device registered as video17

mxc_v4l2_output v4l2_out.31: V4L2 device registered as video18

mxc_v4l2_output v4l2_out.31: V4L2 device registered as video19

mag3110 2-000e: check mag3110 chip ID

mag3110 2-000e: read chip ID 0xfffffffb is not equal to 0xc4!

mag3110: probe of 2-000e failed with error -22

i2c-core: driver [mag3110] using legacy suspend method

i2c-core: driver [mag3110] using legacy resume method

mma8451 0-001c: read chip ID 0x1 is not equal to 0x1a or 0x2a!

mma8451: probe of 0-001c failed with error -22

imx2-wdt 20c0000.wdog: IMX2+ Watchdog Timer enabled. timeout=60s (nowayout=0)

Bluetooth: HCI UART driver ver 2.2

Bluetooth: HCI H4 protocol initialized

Bluetooth: HCI BCSP protocol initialized

Bluetooth: HCIATH3K protocol initialized

usbcore: registered new interface driver bcm203x

usbcore: registered new interface driver btusb

Bluetooth: Generic Bluetooth SDIO driver ver 0.1

usbcore: registered new interface driver ath3k

sdhci: Secure Digital Host Controller Interface driver

sdhci: Copyright(c) Pierre Ossman

sdhci-pltfm: SDHCI platform and OF driver helper

mmc1: no vqmmc regulator found

mmc1: no vmmc regulator found

mmc1: SDHCI controller on 2194000.usdhc [2194000.usdhc] using ADMA

mmc2: no vqmmc regulator found

mmc2: no vmmc regulator found

mmc2: SDHCI controller on 2198000.usdhc [2198000.usdhc] using ADMA

mmc3: no vqmmc regulator found

mmc3: no vmmc regulator found

mmc3: SDHCI controller on 219c000.usdhc [219c000.usdhc] using ADMA

Galcore version

PU: Power-on latency exceeded, new value 2744666 ns

ata1: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300)

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: no device found, disabling link.

ahci-imx 2200000.sata: pass ahci_imx..hotplug=1 to enable hotplug

usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 2 using ci_hdrc

mmc2: new high speed SDXC card at address aaaa

mmcblk2: mmc2:aaaa SL64G 59.4 GiB

mmcblk2: p1

hub 1-1:1.0: USB hub found

hub 1-1:1.0: 5 ports detected

mmc3: BKOPS_EN bit is not set

mmc3: new high speed DDR MMC card at address 0001

mmcblk3: mmc3:0001 SEM04G 3.68 GiB

mmcblk3boot0: mmc3:0001 SEM04G partition 1 2.00 MiB

mmcblk3boot1: mmc3:0001 SEM04G partition 2 2.00 MiB

mmcblk3rpmb: mmc3:0001 SEM04G partition 3 2.00 MiB

mmcblk3: p1

mmcblk3boot1: unknown partition table

mmcblk3boot0: unknown partition table

usb 1-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 3 using ci_hdrc

mxc_vdoa 21e4000.vdoa: i.MX Video Data Order Adapter(VDOA) driver probed

mxc_vpu 2040000.vpu: VPU initialized

usb 1-1.4: new low-speed USB device number 4 using ci_hdrc

caam 2100000.caam: Instantiated RNG4 SH0

caam 2100000.caam: Instantiated RNG4 SH1

caam 2100000.caam: device ID = 0x0a160100 (Era 4)

caam 2100000.caam: job rings = 2, qi = 0

caam algorithms registered in /proc/crypto

caam_jr 2101000.jr0: registering rng-caam

platform caam_sm: blkkey_ex: 4 keystore units available

snvs-secvio 20cc000.caam-snvs: violation handlers armed - non-secure state

input: Logitech USB Optical Mouse as /devices/soc0/soc.0/2100000.aips-bus/2184200.usb/ci_hdrc.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.4/1-1.4:1.0/0003:046D:C05A.0001/input/input2

hid-generic 0003:046D:C05A.0001: input: USB HID v1.11 Mouse [Logitech USB Optical Mouse] on usb-ci_hdrc.0-1.4/input0

usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid

usbhid: USB HID core driver

fsl-asrc 2034000.asrc: driver registered

imx-tlv320aic23 sound.22: tlv320aic23-hifi <-> 202c000.ssi mapping ok

imx-audio-hdmi sound-hdmi.23: hdmi-hifi <-> hdmi_audio.3 mapping ok

NET: Registered protocol family 26

TCP: cubic registered

NET: Registered protocol family 10

sit: IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver

NET: Registered protocol family 17

can: controller area network core (rev 20120528 abi 9)

NET: Registered protocol family 29

can: raw protocol (rev 20120528)

can: broadcast manager protocol (rev 20120528 t)

can: netlink gateway (rev 20130117) max_hops=1

Bluetooth: RFCOMM TTY layer initialized

Bluetooth: RFCOMM socket layer initialized

Bluetooth: RFCOMM ver 1.11

Bluetooth: BNEP (Ethernet Emulation) ver 1.3

Bluetooth: BNEP filters: protocol multicast

Bluetooth: BNEP socket layer initialized

Bluetooth: HIDP (Human Interface Emulation) ver 1.2

Bluetooth: HIDP socket layer initialized

8021q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8

Key type dns_resolver registered

cpu cpu0: failed to get regulators

imx6q-cpufreq: probe of imx6q-cpufreq.0 failed with error -2

tlv320aic23-supply: disabling

usb_otg_vbus: disabling

regulator-dummy: disabling

imx mcc test is registered.

input: gpio-keys.21 as /devices/soc0/gpio-keys.21/input/input3

rtc-ds3231 2-0068: setting system clock to 2015-08-03 20:35:08 UTC (1438634108)

ALSA device list:

  #0: tlv320aic23-audio

  #1: imx-hdmi-soc

kjournald starting.  Commit interval 5 seconds

EXT3-fs (mmcblk3p1): warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsck is recommended

EXT3-fs (mmcblk3p1): using internal journal

EXT3-fs (mmcblk3p1): recovery complete

EXT3-fs (mmcblk3p1): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode

VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) on device 179:9.

devtmpfs: mounted

Freeing unused kernel memory: 336K (80d5d000 - 80db1000)

INIT: version 2.88 booting

Starting udev

udevd[202]: starting version 182

random: nonblocking pool is initialized

FAT-fs (mmcblk2p1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.

bootlogd: cannot allocate pseudo tty: No such file or directory

ALSA: Restoring mixer settings...

No state is present for card tlv320aic23audi

Found hardware: "tlv320aic23-aud" "" "" "" ""

Hardware is initialized using a generic method

No state is present for card tlv320aic23audi

No state is present for card imxhdmisoc

Found hardware: "imx-hdmi-soc" "" "" "" ""

Hardware is initialized using a generic method

No state is present for card imxhdmisoc

INIT: Entering runlevel: 5

Configuring network interfaces... fec 2188000.ethernet eth0: Freescale FEC PHY driver [Generic PHY] (mii_bus:phy_addr=2188000.ethernet:00, irq=-1)

IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready


Starting Xserver

Starting system message bus: dbus.

Starting Connection Manager

Starting Dropbear SSH server: dropbear.

Starting rpcbind daemon...done.

starting statd: done

Starting advanced power management daemon: No APM support in kernel


NFS daemon support not enabled in kernel

Starting syslogd/klogd: done

* Starting Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon: avahi-daemon                       [ ok ]

Starting Telephony daemon

Starting Linux NFC daemon

Starting OProfileUI server

Starting autohdmi:

Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)PU: Power-off latency exceeded, new value 27333 ns


Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 1.7 imx6qsabresd /dev/ttymxc0


imx6qsabresd login:


If the HDMI line is connected to the TV, it will not print the following information, if not connected, it will print the following information


imx-hdmi-audio imx-hdmi-audio: HDMI Video is not ready!

imx-hdmi-audio imx-hdmi-audio: ASoC: can't open platform imx-hdmi-audio: -22

imx-hdmi-audio imx-hdmi-audio: HDMI Video is not ready!

imx-hdmi-audio imx-hdmi-audio: ASoC: can't open platform imx-hdmi-audio: -22

imx-hdmi-audio imx-hdmi-audio: HDMI Video is not ready!

imx-hdmi-audio imx-hdmi-audio: ASoC: can't open platform imx-hdmi-audio: -22

imx-hdmi-audio imx-hdmi-audio: HDMI Video is not ready!