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Problem with USB Coldfire Multilink wiggler communicating with 5329 on 1003987

Discussion created by Gil Martino on Dec 18, 2007
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I have three 5329s on(1003987 Rev D) cards, and three PEMICRO Multilink USB-ML-CFE Rev. C wigglers.
I'm trying to resolve a problem where I can't seem to download thru the Multilink wigglers to the board. I am using Green Hills MULTI to download an ELF file which in turn will show an output on my LCD.
Currently Board2 and wiggler2 are at our customer and they are working correctly. We can download our ELF program to the 5329 and it will show our program on our LCD. Wiggler2 has a driver of 5.39. This is not something I can go look at today.
That leaves Board1, Board3, wiggler1 and wiggler3, where any combination of these components does not let me load our program to the board and execute it. I consistantly get the following errors when attempting to download the ELF file through the wiggler to the 5329: The 'reset' is the first command in the peserv_standard.mbs script file. .
Connected to target `Freescale ColdFire M5329EVB with P&E (peserv)'.

Initializing `C:\GHS\coldfire423\peserv  -cpu cf5329 -connection usb0'.                                                                            

Target coprocessor: NONE

PEserv: target is running free (has it been reset?)

PEserv: target ignored halt.  You may want to reset.


Executing setup script: src\peserv_standard.mbs

Reset failed

Finished executing setup script.

Downloading program text and data. Please Wait...

Download failed, error during write 0x40100000 - 0x40100fff

debug server: download of "C:\cpeg-1.6.0-multi\targets\cf5329\cpegbae" failed

Couldn't load program.

When I plug in Board1 to power, LED PWR and LED1 are lit and LED0 blinks. When I attach either wiggler to Board1 and plug in the power LED PWR turns on and the other ones are off. If I plug in a serial cable to Board1(no wiggler) the LED PWR and LED1 are lit and LED0 blinks.
When I plug in Board3 to power LED PWR is lit and LED1 and LED0 are off. If I plug in the wiggler or a serial cable to Board3 the LED PWR is lit and both LED1 and LED0 are off.
Serial connection, Board3: LED1 turns on when I enter go_lolo and LED0 blinks. When I download the flasher program it runs.
Serial connection, Board1, when I download the flasher program it runs. I then attach either wiggler and the LED's continue to operate normally. Both lights are on for both wigglers, the Blue and the Yellow.
Board3, serial connection to COM1
dBUG> show
        base: 16
        baud: 115200
    filetype: Unknown
     ethaddr: 00:00:00:00:00:00
dBUG> mmap
      Type           Start         End      Port Size
  Flash (Ext)      0x00000000   0x001FFFFF   16-bit
  SDRAM            0x40000000   0x41FFFFFF   16-bit
  SRAM (Int)       0x80000000   0x80003FFF   32-bit
   Protected         Start         End
  dBUG Code        0x00000000   0x0003FFFF
  dBUG Data        0x40000000   0x4001FFFF
    Chip Selects
  CS0  Boot Flash
dBUG> go_lolo
 (c) Copyright 2002-2005, Logic Product Development, Inc.
 All Rights Reserved.
 Version 2.1.1-MCF5329_10 0001
It seems to be a communication problem between the wigglers and the boards, what else can I do to try to figure out what the problem is between these components? I don't want to upgrade anything, because my customer has this set up and I will need to be able to repeat things here at the lab.
Is there some kind of command(s) that I can perform on the board serially to investigate the wiggler communication issues?
Thank you,