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S12G128 and Bootloader

Question asked by Ray Hall on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by Radek Sestak

I have spent many hours trying to add a bootloader to my product. I am using the s12g128 example bootloader. This the version I am using,


File      main.c

Owner     b01802

Version   1.0  

Date      Dec-02-2010

Classification   General Business Information

Brief     Serial bootloader for families S12G, S12P, S12HY and S12HA


I have added the interrupt vector table modifications to my project and made the changes to the Program.prm file.


When I try to load my project using terminal software I get "S-Record Out Of Range"


I have used SRecCvt-GUI, Burner.exe and LogPHY12 to create the S19 file. All three give different results when I view the created file. None of them can be loaded via the terminal software.


I have attached the bootloader and my project.



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