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commissioning MCF5208

Discussion created by rene gruhle on Dec 18, 2007
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Hi at all,
I developed a board with the MCF5208 referenced to the M5208 evaluation board.
First of all I want to check the electrical connection with boundary scan, but it doesn't work.
The process failed. Then I tried the "hello world", but BDM doesn't work. There is no connection to the BDM.
Here are some information:
- voltages 3,3V and 1,5 are good
- /RESET is high-level
- RCON is pulled-down to gnd
- DRAMSEL is pulled-up to 3,3V (using sdram)
- DSCLK_/TRST, /BKPT_TMS, TDI_DSI, TDO_DSO are pulled-up
- PSTCLK_TCLK is pulled-down
- JTAG_EN is low when using BDM and high when using JTAG
Certainly there are a lot of approaches, but I'm thankful for any hints.
Are there any ideas to solve the problem? thanks to you