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Official list of update sites?

Question asked by Brian Willoughby on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Erich Styger

I just broke my KDS installation by applying an Eclipse update. I see that others have had similar problems.


Is there an official list of the update sources that should be enabled in the Help->Install New Software dialog?


I'd like to remove all non-official sources so that I don't forget months down the road and apply an incompatible update.


In other words, under Preferences, Install/Update->Available Software Site allows users to disable certain sources of updates. I'd like to hear the KDS developers' official stance on what should be included in the list of sites.


For example, should Luna even be enabled for KDS users? What about GNU ARM cross-development tools? The former seems risky, the latter is probably necessary.