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Help for MK10 connection with MC13233

Question asked by nikivendola on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by nikivendola

Hello everyone,
I have a card made by my university focused on micro MK10DN512ZVLL10.
Below shows the standard connections of the micro.

Yellow show the connections to the micro MC13233, also from Freescale, which operates radio transmissions.
1) I can not find in the datasheet of MK10: RADIO_IRQ, RADIO_BKGD, RADIO_RESET.
2) The assistant of professor told me that it is better that I use BeeKit to make it work because there are examples already preset, but how do I initialize the K10. BeeKit also allows me to initialize the MK10? Is not it better to use the Kinetis Design Studio IDE where I already initialized for MK10? I guess I'll always go through the MK10.

Thanks for info