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Question about HW_PINCTRL_EMI_DS_CTRL of i.MX28 (RM 9.4.84)

Question asked by Hikaru Uruno on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi Community,


I have questions about HW_PINCTRL_EMI_DS_CTRL of i.MX28.


1. Do SLICE0_MA (bit1-0) and SLICE1_MA (bit3-2) set the drive strength of DQM0 and DQM1, too, as well as DQ[00:15],

or the drive strength of DQM is defined by CONTROL_MA (bit11-10)?


2. Which defines the drive strength of DQS/DQSN, DUALPAD_MA or SLICE1/0_MA?


I searched the log of the Community and found a post which mentions that SLICE is related to data, mask, strobe.

But since the description in 9.4.84 of RM shows that the drive strength of DQS/DQSN is set by DUALPAD_MA, I am not sure what SLICE is.

Could anyone please give me the answer to the questions above?


Thank you,

Hikaru Uruno