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YOCTO building fsl-release-qt5 image, issue with python dependency?

Question asked by jingyi zhang on Aug 6, 2015
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I downloaded the fsl-L3.14.28_1.0.0_iMX6qdls_Bundle package from freescale,

and tried to follow the Freescale_Yocto_Project_User's_Guide.pdf to build a fsl-release-qt5 image for imx6qsabresd board.


I modified the local.conf file to include opencv libs, following this tutorial:

Computer Vision on i.MX Processors: Building OpenCV-2.4.X for Freescale's i.MX6 BSP (Yocto)


when I try to bitbake, I get the following error:

$:.../fsl-release-bsp/build-x11$ bitbake fsl-image-qt5

ERROR: Layer 'networking-layer' depends on layer 'meta-python', but this layer is not enabled in your configuration


I tried removing the opencv modifications by rerunning the environment setup script so I have a fresh conf file, but still get the same error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.