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Cross-compiling OpenVG app for iMX6SoloX

Question asked by ag74 on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by ag74

Hi everyone,


I'm in charge of evaluating the iMX6SoloX processor using the Sabre evaluation board.

One of my co-worker burnt the fsl-image-gui-fb-imx6sxsabresd.ext3 and had a look at the samples in /opt/viv_sample/.


The next step is to cross compile one of our apps that draws using OpenVG and benchmark it with the iMX6SoloX to figure out if we'll use this processor for a future product.


I installed the Linaro GCC and succeeded in compiling a simple hello world but I failed to compile our OpenVG app.


Does anyone know:

1. Where I can download the rootfs that includes the dev libraries with the associated header files so I could cross compile.

2. A graphical user interface is ran when the Sabre board boots, I guess matchbox. How can I disable it ? Cause our app needs to run without any X11 or other server.


Any help would be appreciated.