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can't read data back from SDRAM

Question asked by Peter Ruesch on Aug 5, 2015
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I'm trying to use the external SDRAM on the TWR-K65 board.

Setup was done with processor expert but unfortunately, I have no idea if these values are correct.

Can anyone make a statement if these values make sense?



my problem is, that following code always reaches the break statement which indicates that I can not read back the values I previously wrote from SDRAM.

#define SDRAM_BASE_ADD (0x8000000)

value = 0xabab;
      *((uint32_t*)(SDRAM_BASE_ADD)) = value;
     uint32_t readValue = *((uint32_t*)(SDRAM_BASE_ADD));

     if (readValue != value)


what am I doing wrong ?


I also noticed that the memory view in eclipse somehow freaks out when watching the SDRAM contents. It shows not whats expected. after the memset, i expect a large memory range to be 0x55.