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howto switch into stop3 mode with my MC9S08DZ32

Question asked by kelly1966 on Aug 5, 2015


I have a question about my MC9S08DZ32 which I've been experimenting for a five of weeks.

I'm trying unsuccessfully for several days to move the MCU into „stop3 mode“ and wake-up the MCU via MSCAN.

I also have already read the AN3387 and tried to implement AN2255 and AN2283 but without success (nothing happens).

Now my question:

What I have to do if I want to switch the MCU into the stop3 mode and stay there as long as it receives a message via MSCAN (wake-up).

Is there a specific command for switching the modes or to trigger a specific event or set a flag?

Thank you for your help


You see some part of my code in the attachment

Original Attachment has been moved to: main-(with-stop3)