CW 3 to CW 6.4 upgrade

Discussion created by SEAN BRESLIN on Dec 14, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2007 by SEAN BRESLIN
I have CW 3.0 targeting Coldfire 5272 processor. My code has grown so large that the linker is failing so I am trying to upgrade to CW 6.4. I downloaded the evaluation copy and converted myproject but the project will not compile, it seems like it's trying to use the C compiler and my code is C++. I am getting error for using 'bool' and for function overloading.
Does the evaluation copy come with a C++ compiler or not, I notice that it will not even compile the hello world demo the IDE generates if it is in C++
How do I turn on the C++ compiler?
P.S. does anybody know about the linker issue Im having with 3.0? when my TEXT grows over 0x90000
the linker failes to resolve addresses properly it seems.