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FreescaleCAN using in MCF51JM128VLH

Question asked by sudhanshu mehta on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Carlos_Mendoza

Hi Team,


I am using MCF51JM128VLH microcontroller.

I am trying to utilize FreescaleCAN from processor expert.

I am able to transmit and receive the data from CAN.


Now I am trying to use “Acceptance code” and “Acceptance mask”. I am not able to use.

Please see picture and code below.

I want to receive data only from 0x41 and 0x523 message ID. But I am able to receive all data





My Code at CAN interrupt is following.

Rx interrupt is working correctly as expected. But it is receiving all the data. I want to filter messages.


if (FGen_GetStateRX() &  <Something related to mask/acceptance filter shall be here. What is that> ) // this function is called at rx interrupt and working correctly.



  reply = FGen_ReadFrame(&ID, &type, &format, &len, buff);